We offer universal systems for any kind of game development need

Our goal is to help as many programmers around the world as possible. As fast as possible.

Who We Are

Who is behind N-Studios?

N-Studio is a team of young enthusiasts. Having the goal to help other fellow programmers they are doing everything possible to provide the perfect systems for the perfect price.

Why us?

Why are our products better than all the others on the store?

They are Universal

This means that all of our systems are made so that you can configure them for literally any need! There are many settings you can tweak in order to achieve the best and unique result to perfectly match your game's mechanics.

Professional Editor

If there's anything important our scripts are guaranteed to visualize it inside the editor window. This way you can see what is actually going on without ruining the game's look because all the elements are only going to be shown inside the editor window and not the game window.

Everything is fully explained

It doesn't matter if you want to add something unique or you are completely new to game game-developing you can always count on our comments. Each line is briefly explained so you can learn C# a bit.

Happy Clients


Hours Of Support

Customers Helped


Many Advantages Other Assets Do Not Have

Universal Executing

Custom Editors

Visualized Variables

Tooltips For Each Setting

Well Explained Code

Compatible With Unity 2018.4f+

More Information

Here you can find all the minimum required specs you need in order to use our systems.

Unity 2018.4f+

You should be using Unity 2018.4f or later or otherwise we cannot guarantee the scripts will work properly.

Unity Support

Your device has to be able to handle the Unity game engine. This does not require very powerful device but keep in mind that some VERY old computers might not be able to run Unity properly and therefore it is not guaranteed everything will work fine. Here are the minimum PC specs you HAVE to have:


    X64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support.


    Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.


    At least 2048MB (2GB) of RAM memory are required.

All of our assets are currently only being sold inside the Unity's Asset Store. Therefore you can buy our products using many tools such as PayPal.

Payments are secured

When buying something from the Unity's Asset Store you are guaranteed to make safe and secure payments. Unity has many security systems so you have nothing to worry about.

Payments can be done in several ways

The Unity's Asset Store supports almost any kind of online banking. You can pay via your:

  • PayPal banking account
  • Visa credit or debit card
  • Mastercard bank credit/debit card
  • Maestro bank credit/debit card
  • AMEX financial account

Here are is the information about our assets' licensing:

Free to use in any kind of games

No matter if you are going to make a paid game or free one you can always use our assets.

No credits needed

You don't have to give credits to us in your game!

Reselling is NOT allowed

You are NOT allowed to sell our assets in any kind other than in already made games!

We are always here for you

Aiming for the top

As we are trying to present the best assets we need to know what else could be added. We promise that if a client asks about a feature and it is reasonable we are going to add it.

Stable execution

All of our systems are lag-free and bug-free. Everything is tested up properly before release. If there is still something concerning you - contact us!

Great interface

Apart from the great built-in mechanics in our systems we also care about how using the package feels. Therefore we make the best editor previews - so comfortable you can change stuff in no-time

Our community decides

If there are any suggestions from our clients we will be more than happy to realise them as long as they are reasonable.


Sometimes huge calculations and multiple code executions make Unity work slower. This is why we always make our systems as performent-friendly as possible. This way you will never experience lagging.

The right package for the right price

When we are making our systems we are also keeping in mind that in order to make then accessible for more people around the world. Therefore we try to keep our prices around $10.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Unity's Asset Store allows the clients to refund a package but you only get 30 days after the payment to refund. After that period you will be no longer able to.


If you decide you want to refund a package please before refunding it contact us to see if we can help.

Of course you do! You can always send us an email on support@nikichatv.com. Even if you have already bought something you can contact us on the same email as well as on the Unity's Asset Store platform.

Technically you can't. But if you need one you can always ask us and if we decide the idea is good we may actually realise it!

For each of our assets we have a dedicated video on YouTube. Apart from that we also provide a full documentation on every setting you can adjust. All of our systems are full of handy tooltips so you can even check everything while working on your game!

No - absolutely not. Feel free to use our systems without even mentioning about us in your game - no matter if it is paid or not.

Well there are many reasons for that. Starting of with the small price and then keeping in mind the fact that every line of the code is briefly explained. This way you can learn using C#! We also guarantee fast response if there are any questions/suggestions. And last but not least - we provide custom editors for Unity. This means that everything important is being visualized properly and you can't miss anything.


What They Are Saying About Us

Great Asset for Ai

Thank you for designing this great asset pack.


On: Ultimate AI System 2.0

Date: 02/13/21

Totally worth it!!

I didn't expect an asset for that money to be so useful and work so well but here we are - writing a 5-star review. I was sceptical about"create any type of AI" but indeed they were right. There are a ton of different settings that really allow you to create any kind of AI. I would recommend it for sure! Nice work!


On: Ultimate AI System 2.1

Date: 02/26/21

Really cool Asset

This is really cool thanks for making it!


On: Ultimate AI System 2.1

Date: 02/19/21


First I was a bit sceptical about it because of the low price. But now I can absolute recommend it. The AI is easy to handle and even if you need support, you will get a quick response from them. As already someone mentioned in a YT comment it would be great if we could add some static waypoints or add noise detection. Would definitely donate for that.


On: Ultimate AI System 2.3

Date: 06/12/21


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